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The mochunks show

The MoChunks Show is an innovative talk show hosted by MoChunks, which features various conversational segments.


The first segment is #ChitChatWithMo, developed from Mo's conversations on her personal channel. On the show, these conversations are presented in a more debate style. She debates topics around life, relationships, career, personal growth and more and gives her audience an opportunity to share their opinions too. 

The next segment is called RealScoopWith.. where Mo interviews celebrities, yelebrities and other hypervisible personalities on their journeys in their chosen field, life experiences and more. Her audience gets to know there individuals on a deeper level as a result. 

There are other fun segments including Mo's Kitchen and Make it Fashun that also feature on the show from time to time. These are still in developmental stages.


The MoChunks Show
A seasonal weekly show with a focus on conversations. Mo sparks various debates, shares her opinions and gives space for her audience to respond with theirs, on various topics around life. She gets real and has honest conversations about things she has grown through, sharing advice and teaching her audience what she has learnt. She also interviews guests, ranging from everyday people who have incredible stories her audience can be inspired by, as well as celebrities, excelling in their respective fields. The MoChunks Show has had 12 seasons over 9 years, so far. Check out some examples of episodes below. 

Conversation Style - Sparking Debates 

In this episode, Mo and Adella break down some of the issues career women face if they marry a man who doesn't pull his weight at home. A top video from season 11 of the show - juicy one indeed.

Interview Style - Incredible Stories

Guest, Dr Kanayo shares an incredible story of overcoming heartbreak, life-threatening disease SJS and her amazing career progression.

Conversation Style - Sharing Life Experiences

In this episode, Mo shares the experience she had after leaving a church and a leadership role. She talks through her emotions, then and now as well as things she has learnt from it.

Interview Style - Celebrity

Guest, Papii Abz of NSG talks about his success as a music artist, where it all started and where they are going individually and as a group.