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About MoChunks

MoChunks is a Media Mogulette in the making. She is passionate about media and purposeful in teaching. She is very multifaceted and wears many hats as a content creator, presenter, producer, speaker & writer - just to name a few. Over the years, she has shared various styles of content online, including her personal content, talk shows, and productions.


As a content creator, she takes on brand influencing and sponsorships on her personal channel, MoChunks, and her talk show, The MoChunks Show.


 Beyond online media, her influence has brought her the opportunities to communicate with people in person, thus she also offers services such as keynote speaking, presenting, panel moderation and workshop facilitation.

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To spark conversation, educate others and be educated on various subject matters pertaining to the human experience. 

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1. To become a well established speaker and presenter.

2. To continue building a community on and offline through content creation.

3. To create an online TV Network, featuring various productions, talk shows and so much more, led by multiple presenters and creatives!

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