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Why You Need Cauliflower Rice In Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

My best kept weight loss secret was changing my most consumed grain, rice, to a healthier substitute, cauliflower rice. I wanted something I could sustain long term and was versatile for various recipes I was used to as a Nigerian.

Cauliflower is a high volume, low calorie vegetable, which means it leaves you full, for a long period of time and barely adds to your daily caloric intake. According to one cup or 107 grams of cauliflower rice is just 25 calories; that's 10-20% of what you'd normally have with the same serving of regular rice. The key to weight loss is being in a caloric deficit (less calories in; more calories out), so you want to tailor your diet and exercise regime to ensure this!

The first thing I had to do when deciding to add this to my meal plan, was come to terms with the fact that it cannot and will not taste the same as normal rice. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make, thus, I easily adapted. Within 3 weeks, I stopped missing rice. It took perseverance but we got there.

There are various recipes you can explore, my faves being cauliflower fried rice and plain cauliflower rice with a native stew.

Cauliflower fried rice is a healthy remix of Nigerian fried rice, made with rice, mixed vegetables and extra assortments like prawns and chicken pieces. Flavouring is key with cauliflower fried rice, as with the usual recipe. The only difference is the cauliflower rice is sautéed in for a few minutes, after you fry your veg and assortments.

It actually makes this recipe much quicker as we do not need to wait for the rice to soften.

Plain cauliflower rice does not go so well with chicken or beef stew. You can try it but it was not my favourite.

But let me tell you what I discovered!!

Cauliflower rice plus more bulky stews like Ofada stew (Ayamase) and Efo Niro (spinach stew) - Issa banger!!!

Try it, I promise you, the flavours from the stew will make you forget you even had to sacrifice your usual rice.

Need more healthy food ideas and recipes? Grab my 3 week meal plan. There's so many ways for Nigerian food to be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet tailored for weight loss.

Check out other resources such as a pre recorded masterclass where I teach my weight loss theories and eBook with my full written guide for weight loss at my shop.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & Chunks

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