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Why swapping from white to brown carbs doesn't automatically mean weight loss...

When it comes to weight loss, carbs are generally demonised. We have many diets that encourage complete cutting out of carbs to aid fat burn. I am a big believer in, don't start what you cannot sustain, talk less of finish.

Early on in my weight loss journey, I decided things I can and cannot live without. I reduced the amount of carbs I would consume on a regular basis but I did not cut it out forever. I still managed to go from a size 18 to 8/10 (Total 66lbs weight loss)!

Then comes the question: what if I swap from white to brown carbs? Surely that's more healthy and means weight loss.

Well, half and half - it's not that straight forward.

Swapping from white to brown carbs doesn’t automatically mean weight loss. If you’re keeping your portions the same, chances are, the calories you consume will still be the same, if not more.

Let’s use the example of rice. According to for a serving of 1/3 cup of rice, there are 82 calories and 68 calories in brown and white rice, respectively.

How is this possible?

An image from eBook, Losing Weight Nigerian - The Guideline

All rice starts off as brown rice; white rice is simply brown rice minus extra nutrients like fibre, manganese and magnesium. It can be argued that brown rice is more healthy, because of these extra nutrients - fibre in particular is known to lower blood sugar levels and help you feel fuller faster.

So the real key when consuming carbs, brown or white, still remains portion control and balanced plates.

Keeping your vegetables high, prioritising your protein and reducing your carbs per plate, is the winning formula.

Alternatively, you can look into carb substitutes, like cauliflower rice and/ or other grains like quinoa.

You can read more on this and find recipes in my eBook - #LosingWeightNigerian - The guideline. You can also try a meal plan, if you're unsure of where to start with your journey.

Thank you for reading!

Peace & Chunks

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