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Wedding Planning 101: All The Vendors You Need For Your Nigerian-Zimbabwean Wedding In The U.K.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I recently got married! The wedding planning process was a journey and a half. I documented this along the way and released a vlog series, Journey To Forever, on my YouTube channel, which people really loved.

I promised to release two more videos, to help ease your wedding planning. Video 1 is a list of all the vendors that made our wedding ceremonies amazing (See below), with reviews. Video 2 is a Q&A, where I answer all your questions (the deadline to receive questions for this video has now passed). Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss either video!

Full Vendors List

Here is the list of all the vendors mentioned, with all relevant links.

  1. Venue - The Chigwell Marquees, Mini marquee

  2. Bride’s Spokesperson/ Alaga - Yinka Alaga - @abytos_engagement

  3. Groom’s Spokesperson - Hungwe - Family Member

  4. Zimbabwean caterer - Brenda, Kings Catering - find here on FaceBook - her service came with plates and cutlery but we had to pay extra for servers.

  5. Nigerian caterer - Bukie, Sweet Fingers Catering - @sweetfingers_caterers - her service came with servers but no plates and cutlery. We had to pay for extra plates (glass) and cutlery from our other caterer.

  6. Amala Lady - We also had a lady do amala in the evening - Kunbi Alamala - +44 7871 299303

  7. Videographer (Daniel) - @DbCxptures - he accommodated our last-minute change from a one day to a two-day wedding. We had booked him for 12 hours so he did 10 hours on the trad day, 2 hours on the church ceremony.

  8. Photographer (trad wedding) - Jesse (@Jesse.konaduphotography) - she took pictures at the trad but did the edits for both the trad and white wedding.

  9. Photographer (white Wedding) - Tobi (@Tobi.Tobz) came in last minute to do our white wedding pictures and sent them to Jesse for editing.

  10. DJ (Kayode) - @Unkle_K

  11. Live Band - Diya Ojo & Crew - @diyaojojelenke

  12. Traditional wedding cake - Mrs Ogun - +44 7897 800254

  13. White wedding cake - Maria (@Kamikobakes)

  14. Wedding Coordinators - My friends, Samira and Itai

  15. Gele (headtie) lady - Sade (@sade_gele_artistry)

  16. Bride's Makeup Artist, Traditional Wedding - Deji Rachel (@DejiRachel_)

  17. Bride's Makeup Artist, White Wedding - Arike (@ArikeArtistry)

  18. Bridemaid's Makeup Artist, Traditional Wedding - Ranti (@RantsMUA) - she did two of my bridesmaid's makeup, it was so beautiful!

  19. Bride & Bridesmaid's Hair: Sophie (@CBHairUK) - Catered nicely to my natural/ Afro Textured Hairstyles

  20. Caterers, White wedding - Family Caterers, Aunty Maggie & Aunty Toyin + other family members brought dishes.

  21. Traditional Wedding Outfit - Bimms Traditions (@Bimmms24) - made agbada for my husband & skirt and blouse for me. We got the agbada inner from another tailor.

  22. My Reception Dress - Oyin (@Honeemadecouture)

  23. All Nego's Suits & Shoes - Reception & White Wedding - Moss Bros

  24. My White Wedding Dress - Davids Bridal

  25. Bridal Hair Pin (White Wedding) - Amazon

  26. Bridal Gifts From Groom's Family - Abbey - 07861886030

  27. Return Gifts From The Bride's Family - Food hamper with Zimbabwean goods, treats & drinks - Hampers By Benny (@HampersByBenny)

  28. Proposal and Acceptance Letters - Gifts and Wrap Haven (@giftsandwraphaven)

  29. DECOR - Traditional Wedding - a joint effort

We had an official decorations company but they didn't have everything we needed so we got them to do the stage design, centrepieces and table cloths. We then outsourced everything else, including our dancefloor, tableware design pieces, such as charger plates menus & more.

  • Decorator (Stage Design, Table Centrepieces (White Trees) & Table Cloths Only) - First Impressions - (@firstimpressionslimited)

  • Gold Chairs & Tables - Already at the venue

Other decorations were outsourced from the following companies:

  • Dance Floor: Signature Event Print, on Etsy - sourced & laid down by my friend Samira on the morning of the wedding - (Size we chose: 16 x 14”) - business seems to be missing. Please do a search through Esty for similar businesses, there are so many gems there.

I laid down the charger plates, table numbers, menus, napkins & wine glasses myself, alongside my brother in law, the night before the wedding. These were also outsourced!

  • Charger plates: 100 purchased by Mo - available to rent, at 50p per charger plate - send an email!

  • Menus - Designed by Oyin & Mo on Canva, Printed at Moo

  • Table Numbers - Hobby Craft

  • Place Name Cards - with guest names, for seating plan - Amazon

  • Pre-folded Napkins - we placed the menus Inside - Amazon

  • Disposable Napkins - Costco

  • Disposable Wine Glasses - Costco

  • Extra Disposable Cups (100) - Costco

  • Extra Disposable Napkins - Costco

  • Extra Disposable Plates - Costco - Can't find the ones we used but they were a flat version of these bowls.

30. Church Wedding Dinner Decor - Lindie, (@Lindiemag) - we did a simple dinner after our church wedding as opposed to a full-on reception. Lindie did a lovely dinner set up for us.

I hope this list is helpful to you!

Congratulations and happy planning.

Until next time, peace & love; peace & chunks!

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