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Wedding Planning 101: All The Vendors You Need For Your Nigerian-Zimbabwean Wedding In The U.K.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I recently got married! The wedding planning process was a journey and a half. I documented this along the way and released a vlog series, Journey To Forever, on my YouTube channel, which people really loved.

I promised to release two more videos, to help ease your wedding planning. Video 1 is a list of all the vendors that made our wedding ceremonies amazing (See below), with reviews. Video 2 is a Q&A, where I answer all your questions (the deadline to receive questions for this video has now passed). Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss either video!

Full Vendors List

Here is the list of all the vendors mentioned, with all relevant links.

  1. Venue - The Chigwell Marquees, Mini marquee

  2. Bride’s Spokesperson/ Alaga - Yinka Alaga - @abytos_engagement

  3. Groom’s Spokesperson - Hungwe - Family Member

  4. Zimbabwean caterer - Brenda, Kings Catering - find here on FaceBook - her service came with plates and cutlery but we had to pay extra for servers.

  5. Nigerian caterer - Bukie, Sweet Fingers Catering - @sweetfingers_caterers - her service came with servers but no plates and cutlery. We had to pay for extra plates (glass) and cutlery from our other caterer.

  6. Amala Lady - We also had a lady do amala in the evening - Kunbi Alamala - +44 7871 299303

  7. Videographer (Daniel) - @DbCxptures - he accommodated our last-minute change from a one day to a two-day wedding. We had booked him for 12 hours so he did 10 hours on the trad day, 2 hours on the church ceremony.

  8. Photographer (trad wedding) - Jesse (@Jesse.konaduphotography) - she took pictures at the trad but did the edits for both the trad and white wedding.

  9. Photographer (white Wedding) - Tobi (@Tobi.Tobz) came in last minute to do our white wedding pictures and sent them to Jesse for editing.