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Pivot & Thrive: Navigating Through & Post Crisis

Before we begin, take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw..

This lockdown is not easy and it's been taking its toll on many. It's important to do even the tiniest things to help keep yourself relaxed.

The world has ultimately come to a stand still, things have slowed down, in order for us to see the end of this virus.

Recently, news came out that popular high street retailer, Primark had made £0 in sales this month, compared to £650 million, made in March, just before the lockdown. There were various discussion on socials about this, with opinions ranging from Primark would be okay (not at it's best but okay), if they had implemented an online store into their business model, to, Primark has no suitability for e-commerce, as its business model is based on selling cheap, fast fashion. Thus, an online store would have been unnecessary costs for them and ultimately reduced their total yearly revenue.

These arguments were all intriguing. It made me think about something I realised perhaps a year or two ago, when I decided to pursue Media full time - the need for adaptability.

Some people, businesses, organisations may not have been ready pre-corona, but it does not mean they cannot adapt. We've even seen churches adapt quickly to meet the spiritual needs of people through Sunday live streams and other virtual services - something many may have fought previously and/ or not seen the need for.

One thing is clear from this lockdown experience, an online presence is one of the keys to the success of any brand, especially in the 21st century, where virtual reality is "where it's at". An online presence or the ability to adapt towards creating an online presence is what is currently keeping those that are afloat, afloat.

Taking this and relating it to life and pursuing things that look like great success for us, it can be said that being adaptable is what keeps us going when the twists and turns of the journey to success happen.

Success never has and never will be a linear journey. As life turns, we must be prepared to turn with it. I saw a quote once, "Have an end goal in mind but do not be rigid with the process" and it perfectly suits the season the entire world is in.

In order to succeed we must be open to pivot, in order to thrive.

Sometime last year, I did some photography at a brunch for women under a brand named "Pivot and Thrive" (@pivotandthrive), founded by Joy Ubani (@joyubani). So many wholesome conversations happened, surrounding the need to be flexible to your approach, in how we run our brands, connect with people and the communities around us.

It really resonated with me.

Image from Pivot & Thrive by ANU Media Productions

A plan is good, a plan is important, but a plan without flexibility and/ or the ability to adapt by the person who made the plan is a recipe for frustration.

There will always be things outside of your control, beyond corona, that come and seemingly disturb plans. However, I hope you can begin to see them as an opportunity to learn how to pivot, face a new direction, so you can continue to thrive.

Pivot and thrive my dears.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & Chunks

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