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Love Lockdown - 14 Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special Regardless

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Valentine's Day is coming and many people are disappointed as lockdown is still not lifted, so they may not be able to see their partners. Some are sad as they don’t have a significant other. Some will be seeing their partners but are unsure of how special it will be without entertainment facilities such as restaurants open.

Whatever the case may be or whatever category you fall into, I believe happiness on Valentine’s day, even in #LoveLockdown is still possible.

Why? Because it’s all about perspective and working around the present situation.

Here are 14 things you can do this Valentine's Day depending on your situation.

So you will be single this Valentine’s?

Never fret. Valentines season is all about love; love is not limited to just romantic connections. Think about the people in your life that you share love with, your friends and family - they matter and this love should be celebrated too.

There’s nothing wrong with self-love too, as cringe as its often perceived. A self-care day/ evening will help you feel good, even without directly connecting to others.

1. Exchange gifts with your friends and family: you can plan between your close ones to exchange gifts for valentine's day. Many vendors are still selling and delivering safely. My suggestions are things like flowers, cards and confectionary like cupcakes (See Naya's bakes and Tolu's Cupcakes) and treat baskets. You can also surprise someone with something if you are more of the spontaneous type.

2. Zoom drinks with the girls/ guys: brunch with the girls/ guys are still possible, virtually. You can all pop to the shop, grab a bottle of wine, prepare some games and eat some good food. A lovely way to connect, bound to be filled with joy and laughter!

3. Solo pamper evening: are you more of a self-care king/ queen? A pamper evening could be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Love on yourself and make yourself smile! Here's one for the lads too.

4. Baking: You might have a sweet tooth and enjoy a treat from time to time; why don't you try a recipe you've been eyeing for some time? Grab the ingredients, pop your apron on and go!

5. Send yourself a gift with a message: I think it's important to practice positive affirmations on yourself, especially if this is one of your top love languages. A note written from you to you opened on Valentine's Day can really remind you of how special you are.

So you will be away from your partner?

Luckily, technology allows for various ways to stay connected with our loved ones virtually, where physical meetings are not possible. I know it’s sad to not see your significant other, especially if your love language is physical touch or quality time but it is best to focus on how you can still create a special day/ evening.

6. Order in from a restaurant: You can choose a restaurant and order the same things or go for a variety if you prefer. If you're feeling from different styles of food, you can do different restaurants too! Pop on zoom, skype or Facetime and connect with your other half.

7. Movie Night courtesy of Netflix Party: Netflix party is a third-party app connected to Netflix which automatically syncs a movie between two or more people. If the app does not work for you, you can do it the old fashioned way; count 3. 2. 1.. and press play at the same time! If you are into a Nollywood-Bollywood fusion - Namaste Wahala comes out on Netflix, this Valentine's Day.

8. Send gifts to your partner: Create a gift basket with a few of your partner's favourite things and/ or things they regularly use, especially during their time indoors. If your partner is into a good drink or skincare, for examples, you could create a hamper with some of their favourite things. Here's one for guys and one for the ladies.

9. Virtual cookalong (socially distanced): Many chefs are creating easy ready to cook ingredient boxes, allowing you to make a fancy meal packed full of their signature flavours, with little to no effort required. Order a box to your location, sign in to the cookalong and follow the chef's guidance. You can go for a two location delivery service, with a box for one to each location, and then eat together virtually when you are both ready.

10. Virtual Sip & Paint: Join an art class this Valentine's Day! A fun creative way to spend time with your partner virtually. Similar to the cookalong, you follow any instructions and share your masterpiece with one another! Check out 'Sip and Paint' classes with artist, Riana. You can also follow some paint classes via YouTube! Grab a canvas, some paint & get stroking!

So you will be seeing your partner but feel limited because of lockdown?

Perhaps you live with your partner or you are able to form a support bubble with them, you are probably in the best position this Valentine’s, given the circumstances.

The world may not be open, but you can definitely still get creative about how you spend the day/ night. You can still decorate your home and set the mood right.

11. Outdoor cinema: You can create a lovely outdoor cinema if you're able to invest in a few components. These include a tent/ gazebo, some outdoor lights, a projector, pillows and blankets for cosy sitting. Read how to create an outdoor cinema here. If you are into a Nollywood-Bollywood fusion - Namaste Wahala comes out on Netflix, this Valentine's Day.

12. Virtual cocktail class: Ready to put you and your partner's cocktail making skills to the test? Order a cocktail making kit for two or buy the ingredients (depending on the organisers) and follow your instructor's guidance. Sip away and enjoy! This particular cocktail class by Brass Calabash actually includes a 3-course meal tutorial and some other entertainment lined up!

13. Indoor Spa: Create a relaxing evening with your partner. In the bathroom, you can decorate with candles, petals and add your luxury bubble bath soap to the bathwater. You can also turn your bedroom into a massage and beauty treatment room; put towels down, do face masks, give each other massages. You can grab some CDB massage oil, bath salts and other spa products here; Get 15% of all provacan products using code "MCTV". Some beard care for the lads here. Pamper each other for the night!

14: Games Night: This can go a number of ways depending on the type of couple you are. If more energetic, you can play physical cames such as beer pong. If you enjoy more mentally stimulating games, you can solve a puzzle together. If you are somewhere in the middle, go for card games and/ or quizzes.

As you can see, there are so many ways you can still make your Valentine's Day special, just be open and creative!

What will you be up to this Valentine's Day?

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