Love Lockdown - 14 Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special Regardless

Updated: Feb 12

Valentine's Day is coming and many people are disappointed as lockdown is still not lifted, so they may not be able to see their partners. Some are sad as they don’t have a significant other. Some will be seeing their partners but are unsure of how special it will be without entertainment facilities such as restaurants open.

Whatever the case may be or whatever category you fall into, I believe happiness on Valentine’s day, even in #LoveLockdown is still possible.

Why? Because it’s all about perspective and working around the present situation.

Here are 14 things you can do this Valentine's Day depending on your situation.

So you will be single this Valentine’s?

Never fret. Valentines season is all about love; love is not limited to just romantic connections. Think about the people in your life that you share love with, your friends and family - they matter and this love should be celebrated too.

There’s nothing wrong with self-love too, as cringe as its often perceived. A self-care day/ evening will help you feel good, even without directly connecting to others.

1. Exchange gifts with your friends and family: you can plan between your close ones to exchange gifts for valentine's day. Many vendors are still selling and delivering safely. My suggestions are things like flowers, cards and confectionary like cupcakes (See Naya's bakes and Tolu's Cupcakes) and treat baskets. You can also surprise someone with something if you are more of the spontaneous type.

2. Zoom drinks with the girls/ guys: brunch with the girls/ guys are still possible, virtually. You can all pop to the shop, grab a bottle of wine, prepare some games and eat some good food. A lovely way to connect, bound to be filled with joy and laughter!

3. Solo pamper evening: are you more of a self-care king/ queen? A pamper evening could be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Love on yourself and make yourself smile! Here's one for the lads too.

4. Baking: You might have a sweet tooth and enjoy a treat from time to time; why don't you try a recipe you've been eyeing for some time? Grab the ingredients, pop your apron on and go!

5. Send yourself a