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Jazmine Sullivan Returns With New Body of Work: Heaux Tales

Singer Jazmine Sullivan has been quiet for a minute but came back with a bang! Heaux tales is a new body of work featuring the likes of Ari Lennox, H.E.R. and Anderson .Paak. It aims to celebrate all women & emphasises they are worthy of respect, regardless of “if they are a CEO or stripper” - she states this explicitly in the album introduction.

It serves a a memoir; featuring songs and narrated tales of women, their love stories, sex, heartbreak, betrayal, empowerment, self love & so much more.

The memoirs were my favourite part of the album. Donna from "Donna's tale" actually revealed in a YouTube comment how these tales came about. They sat around a table and just talked, the best snippets seem to be what made it to the album.

She also debuted the tracks on Tiny Desk (Home) concert by NPR Music, featuring 5 out of the 14 track album, including, Bodies (Intro), The Other Side, Lost One, Let It Burn and Girl Like Me (featuring H.E.R.).

She showcased her amazing vocal range and the chemistry between her and H.E.R. is phenomenal to witness!

What is your favourite track or tale on Heaux Tales?

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