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Grateful For Time Back

I’ve always been the ideas queen, but with little to no time to execute them all. This quarantine has forced me to stop everything that has prevented or hindered me from doing what I was born to do and that is create media content, have honest conversation and in so doing, influence mindsets. 

I've always had people commend me on my work rate, and whilst I have humbly accepted it, a big part of me has always known I have not even worked close to half of my potential.

Earlier this year, I started feeling like it was time to focus on and nurture my baby, MCTV. 

It was an exciting, yet scary thought. The reason being, I'll be honest, MCTV was not my main money maker. I freelance as a videographer/ editor and that’s what’s been paying the bills and in fact funding MCTV, to some degree. I mean sure, MCTV makes ad revenue and a couple sponsorships here and there but in terms of overall income, it’s been more 20% YouTube, 80% Business; and even then, I’d rarely touch YouTube money, unless I really need to. 

So, whilst the thought of focusing on MCTV excited my spirit, my flesh quickly grounded me back to the reality of, ‘well how will I fund my lifestyle’ - not even on some bougie tip, just the necessities and small small enjoyment here and there. I’m a simple babe really, but even the basics of living life, costs money. 

It just didn’t seem realistic to take the plunge and create content full time. 

Well until, corona. 

It’s only been a few days - but I. Am. Loving. It. 

Corona aka covid-19, the pandemic that has brought the world to a stand still.