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Believe In Your Brilliance

So, I've been creating a lot of content lately and really delving into the different areas of my function. I am passionate about media and purposeful in teaching, that's always been my tagline and now, I get to live it.

Here's the thing, as amazing as this has all been, I have been dealing with a lot of self doubt and moments of 'am I good enough?'.

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I believe everyone has a vision of their highest self. Their idea of what great success looks like for them. Recently, as I pondered on this, I realised, there is having a vision and having faith in that vision, but there's also having almost pride like belief, that you are good enough to achieve it, no ifs, no buts.

For me, sometimes, that belief is just not there. It comes through in second guessing myself, my ideas, even hesitating before pressing the 'post' button of what I have created, oh and let's not forget good ol' comparison.

In this season, I have had to check myself a few times. Everyone is creating and as creatives, it is easy to measure one another using numbers.

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Comparison with people we perceive to be doing better than us can lead to feelings of inadequacy; jealousy and resentment towards them can begin to set in too. I believe the only comparisons we should be making is against who we were yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, healthy competition can be a good thing, sometimes it fuels us to work harder. Unhealthy jealousy is not, it fuels bitterness and a race against someone else, rather than resting and thriving in your lane.

Oprah Winfrey, OWN - Image From Oprah.Com

When it comes to those who have achieved great success, I've noticed through their stories, something they all seem to have in common. They had an aha moment. They realised their brilliance; they decided to believe in it and did everything to make their vision manifest.

The belief is the fuel. The belief that you are worthy of your calling. The belief that you are deserving of great success. Without this, success can be unattainable. No fire can burn without fuel, after all.

Also, if you don't believe it, no one else can.

Note to self: Believe in your brilliance.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & Chunks!


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