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5 Ways To Move More!

When we think of exercise, we often get tired at the thought because we think we always need a huge workout, or to vigorously sweat at the gym. You may feel limited with the outside world closed, but there are so many ways to get some movement going.

Try and reimagine exercise as movement or activity. So long as you are being active, you are exercising your body!

Dance To Your Fave Tracks

Dancing is a really good way to get your heart pumping without feeling like you are punishing yourself.

If this is one of your hobbies, it's a fun way to get some movement going.

Go For A Walk

Take a long walk before, after or in between your daily tasks. It is a great way to get some fresh air and clear your head before getting into any other activity.

Do Some House Chores

That deep cleaning you've been putting off for a while?

Get into it!

All the wiping, bending, sweeping adds to bodily movement. Put on some music and sway away; burn whilst you clean!


Did you know you can really work up a sweat whilst doing some gardening?

From planting to watering, adding fertiliser and weeding, it all counts as activity.

Join Children in Their Playtime

If you have children in your household, you can put their energy to good use.

Join them as they play with their toys and run around the house. You may be surprised by how much you struggle to keep up!

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